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Customer Testimonials

"Every time I get a Shiatsu from Candice I feel on top of the world! She has such a great energy and presence. I always leave feeling fabulous! She knows what she is doing and has great techniques, pressure and applications. Highly recommend!                                           -Linnae D.

"Candice provides personalized, skilled and wonderful Shiatsu! As a former massage therapist for nearly 10 years and Reiki I practitioner, I received several Shiatsu sessions from Candice and am impressed by her intuitive nature, knowledge of her craft and lasting results. Candice is very present and you can feel her passion and precision coming from the Source- you'll leave loose, tension-free and glowing... And looking forward to your next appointment! "                                                                                   -Alyson A.S.

"Candice's massages make me feel very relaxed and rejuvenated! She is committed to your needs and makes sure that she is helping to meet your individual expectations. I highly recommend Source Shiatsu for healthy living."                                                                                    -Missy G.

"Candice does really good bodywork. She's very intuitive and I think that's what makes her shiatsu sessions help on so many levels."        -Anna D.

"After going to a massage therapist the past few years and then trying out Shiatsu, I've decided Shiatsu is more effective at getting to the root of my pain or stiffness. Shiatsu gives you much relaxation as well as a centered piece of mind, which is rare in our busy lives! Candice is well trained in the art of Shiatsu and cares about her clients. She is a compassionate soul and will tend to your individual needs! I highly recommend her!"        -Jen P.

"Great, healing massage from a caring, lovely person. Highly recommend!"
                                                                                                                      -Hazel I.